This is not a chatbot.

It's a 24/7 sales rep rockstar

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How it works:

Customer talks with AI

Most of questions or sales objections are handled right here. The AI can resolve the customers query as it knows your companies data. You don’t waste any time on the majority of lead and customer queries.

illustration of bot
illustration of bot

Every chat is analysed.

The AI moves the customer forward to the next step in the funnel. It learns from every chat and hands over to your team when a human touch is needed.

Solid Integrations

Create a ticket in your existing support or CRM software when a customer needs to speak to a human, for example to upsell or resolve urgent queries.

We support Intercom,, Hubspot, Zapier out of the box.

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Custom bot behavior

Make the bot behave differently based on rules and situations to change the bot behavior and data.

Example: Your customer want's to purchase your product, the bot can show a link to your product or billing page right in the chat.

Within a week of implementing Adaptify, Traverse saw support requests plunge by 21% and signup conversion spike by 5%. This included complex in-depth user queries.

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Dom, cofounder, who also founded

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Integrates with your existing CRM and Support software.

Built to make it super easy to incorporate an AI Bot in your existing workflow for lead generation. We support most workflows.

An AI sales bot that knows your company and your customers through and through

Turn leads into customers without spending on staff and sales training. Integrates with your existing CRM and Support systems.