About Adaptify SEO

Our Mission: helping agencies succeed.

Adaptify is a platform designed for agency owners to automate their SEO. We operate fully remotely and offer round-the-clock customer service with team members located in the US, Europe, and Asia. Our mission is to help agencies succeed in SEO through AI. We believe that AI can enable agencies to scale their operations and deliver superior results for their clients.

In 2023 TinySeed invested in Adaptify. This investment helps us grow our team, improve our product, and reach more agency owners.

The Founders

Dominic Zijlstra, has a background in computer science, big data and is a second-time founder with extensive marketing experience. Dominic has regularly hosts webinars and talks about SEO. See his full profile on LinkedIn: Dominic Zijlstra.

Hansjan Kamerling has a background in marketing and software design. Hans is actively involved in the SEO community in the US and regularly speaks about SEO Automation for agencies. See his full profile on LinkedIn: Hansjan Kamerling.

Learn More

We share our insights learned from talking with hundreds of agencies and many more websites in our weekly newsletter Scale Your Agency. We regularly share our insights and speak at events across the US.

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