AI SEO June news flash - Google Updates, Are you Mobile Friendly, and a New Tool

Bethany Freeman
Jun 12
Google's AI Overviews: A Significant Scale-Back
Tired of seeing Google's AI overviews dominate almost half of your search results? Me too.
I am happy to report - there is hope on the horizon as Google has significantly scaled back these AI overviews and the frequency with which we are seeing them. Initially, they were present in nearly 50% of search results, but now they only appear in about 15%. This change came after substantial feedback and a few notable mishaps, including some bizarre and unreliable search suggestions.
Check out our coverage of the initial AI Overview launch: Google AI Overview, the Future, and How to Adapt
One particularly odd suggestion, reported originally by the Hindustan Times even told users to eat glue, which undoubtedly raised concerns about the reliability of these AI-generated snippets. As noted by CNET, this mishap was one of several that prompted Google to reassess the deployment of these overviews. Similarly, Wired highlighted that these cutbacks are part of Google's effort to refine the feature and enhance user experience by reducing such anomalies.
Adaptify Minute Mastery: Google AI Overview Cutback
Upcoming Changes in Google's Crawling Policies
Mark your calendars: Starting July 5, Google will cease crawling websites that aren't mobile-friendly. Thats right, the day after the 4th is the time to declare your website's independence from an outdated, non-mobile-friendly design!
With mobile-first indexing becoming the norm, it's crucial for your site to be fully optimised for mobile devices. While most websites are already on track, here are a few essential tips to ensure your site stays ahead:
  • Loading Speed: Mobile users expect fast loading times. Use tools like Google PageSpeed Insights to identify and fix any issues slowing your site down. You can check your current mobile performance on Google PageSpeed Insights.
  • Visible Contact Information: Ensure your contact details are easy to find on mobile. This not only improves user experience but also boosts your site’s credibility.
  • Communicate with Your Clients: If you manage websites for clients, inform them about these changes and make sure their sites are mobile-friendly.
Google's official blog provides a comprehensive guide on how to prepare for this transition.
Tool of the Week: CodeWP - An Enhanced Plugin Search for WordPress
Finding the right plugins for your WordPress site just got a lot easier. This week we are focusing on an AI-powered search tool for WordPress plugins, far more potent than the built-in WordPress search function. CodeWP offers a plugin search tool that leverages AI to help you discover the best plugins tailored to your needs. Whether you're seeking specific functionality or exploring new options, this tool can save you time and enhance your site's performance. Check it out here.
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Adaptify Feature of the Week: Automate Backlinks for Your Customers
Securing high-quality backlinks is essential for SEO success, and now you can automate this once time consuming process for your clients. Our platform provides fully automated PR backlink building, ensuring your clients get the best SEO results with minimal effort. Our PR Backlinks provide you with an opportunity to make your clients a star as they get quotes placed in high domain ranking online magazines, newspapers, and blogs from around the country. With a guaranteed placement of at least one link a month, what do you have to lose? Watch your client site’s authority and ranking soar as they become a quoted star.
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We'd love to hear how often you are still seeing AI overviews and how accurate they are. Join the conversation on our LinkedIn page and share your insights!
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