April Product Update

Dominic Zijlstra
Apr 15
Happy April! We're thrilled to welcome you into a new month of creativity and fresh opportunities for innovation.
At Adaptify, we're all about growth and renewal, not just in seasons but also in the way we create and share content. That's why we're thrilled to share some blossoming new features designed to nurture your content creation process.
Instantly Sprout New Articles with the "Add New" Button
Imagine you're walking through a garden of ideas, and you spot a blooming inspiration. You want to plant it right away, right? Enter our new "Add New" button, located next to your Keyword Strategy Dashboard in the Content Plan section of your site’s homepage. This new feature lets you input a keyword and instantly generate a new article on the spot without the fuss of searching for the perfect idea in the Keyword Dashboard. It's perfect for those moments when inspiration strikes, and you're eager to see your ideas bloom instantly.
Refresh Your Outreach: Easy Undo for PR Backlink Pitches
Just as every flower in a garden has its own distinct beauty, we recognize and value the unique voice of your brand. Responding to your feedback, we're excited to unveil the capability to withdraw PR backlink pitches. Should a pitch not perfectly align with your brand's essence, the "retract pitch" button allows you to gracefully retract it. For those instances where you seek to refine rather than remove, the "give feedback" button is your tool to prune and shape your pitches, ensuring they evolve in harmony with your vision.
Cultivating Quality: Enhanced Checks for Flourishing Content
Quality is the soil from which great content grows. We're enriching this soil by making our quality control processes more transparent, letting you see firsthand how your articles measures up. With a few new Quality Checks being added you'll find that the majority of articles meet our high standards with ease, requiring little if any, refinement. However, should any piece of content not meet expectations in certain areas, one of our dedicated team members will step in to address and rectify any issues, ensuring your content achieves excellence and stands confidently above the rest.
Dominic Zijlstra
Co-founder at Adaptify SEO
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