Google's AI Overviews: The Good, The Bad, and How to Turn Them Off

Bethany Freeman
May 30
Last week, we explored Google's new AI Overviews and their potential to revolutionize SEO. Since then, the landscape has shifted, revealing both the promise and pitfalls of this technology. Let's unpack how these AI Overviews are being received, the mistakes made, and the steps Google is taking to manage the fallout.
Adaptify Minute Mastery: Google's AI Overviews Update
Missteps in AI Overviews
AI Overviews were designed to provide concise, informative summaries directly within search results. However, since its launch, several significant errors have emerged, highlighting the challenges of relying on AI for accurate information. One particularly alarming instance, reported by the Hindustan Times, involved the AI suggesting that users eat rocks and glue—advice that is not only incorrect but potentially dangerous.
Mark Traphagen pointed out on Twitter that the AI made numerous factual errors, including incorrect and/or misleading information about medical conditions over a significant number of queries. These mistakes, which started as ripples, are quickly building to a wave of raising questions about the reliability and safety of AI-generated content. Such errors underscore the need for rigorous verification and human oversight in AI systems to ensure they provide accurate and safe information to users.
Mark Traphagen on Twitter
Google's Damage Control
Google has been swift in its efforts to mitigate the damage. Reports from The Verge highlight that Google is actively working on refining the AI algorithms to prevent such errors from recurring. This includes stricter content verification processes and increased human oversight to ensure the information provided is accurate and safe.
Google issued a statement acknowledging the errors and emphasizing their commitment to improving the technology. As noted by Android Police, Google stated, "Our goal is to provide high-quality, relevant, and useful information for everyone who uses Search. We know that there's still a lot of work to be done, and we're committed to making improvements." This acknowledgment is a crucial step in regaining user trust and highlighting their transparency in addressing the issues.
OpenAI and Reddit: A Strategic Partnership
In a groundbreaking move, OpenAI and Reddit have announced a strategic partnership, marking a significant milestone in the tech industry. According to the official announcement, this collaboration aims to integrate OpenAI's cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies with Reddit's vast and dynamic user-generated content platform. This partnership is set to enhance Reddit's moderation capabilities and personalized content recommendations, while providing OpenAI with a rich dataset to improve its AI models.
Remember when Google told users to add glue to their pizza sauce?
Yep, that was apparently Reddit.
Peter Yang on Twitter
This potentially dangerous and incorrect recipe seems to have originated from an 11-year-old Reddit post, as noted by Peter Yang on Twitter. This highlights the challenges and potential pitfalls of integrating user-generated content into AI systems. The partnership between OpenAI and Reddit aims to address such issues, leveraging AI to better understand and curate content while ensuring accuracy and safety.
How to Turn Off AI Overviews on Chrome
For those who find the AI Overviews more of a hindrance than a help, there are ways to disable them, although nothing official has come from Google yet. Yes, this means without workarounds you will continue to see overviews whether you want to or not. Luckily, there are other ways.
Detailed instructions on how to bypass AI overviews in Chrome and on mobile can be found on Tom's Hardware and Android Authority.
It was also recently discovered that adding &udm=14 to the end of a Google Search URL will take you directly to a series of links-only results. Using this information, Ernie Smith created a useful website— udm14.com — which offers a seamless Google Search experience without any of the clutter from AI Overviews or other experimental features. Just a clean, focused view of the traditional "ten blue links."
Whether you choose to disable this feature depends on your preference for traditional search results versus the AI-enhanced summaries. Some users may prefer the straightforwardness of regular search results, while others might appreciate the quick insights provided by AI Overviews.
Should You Disable AI Overviews?
Opinions on disabling AI Overviews are mixed. On one hand, turning them off can streamline your search experience, reducing the clutter and potential misinformation. On the other hand, when functioning correctly, AI Overviews can save time by presenting key information upfront. It's a personal choice, but staying informed about the pros and cons can help you make the best decision for your needs.
Adaptify SEO: Infographics Over Lists
Amid these discussions, it's worth noting how Adaptify SEO leverages AI differently. Our platform not only generates AI-enhanced content but also creates infographics automatically. Infographics are inherently more consumable and shareable than traditional lists or plain text, offering a visual appeal that can enhance user engagement and social sharing.
By integrating infographics into your content strategy, you can offer readers a richer, more engaging experience without needing to worry about the possibility of accidentally telling them to eat rocks. In a world where visual content reigns supreme, this feature can set your content apart, making it more likely to be read and shared.
Custom Infographic
Stay tuned for more updates on AI and SEO innovations. And if you haven't yet, give Adaptify SEO a try to see how our AI-driven infographics can elevate your content game.
We'd love to hear your thoughts on Google's AI Overviews. Have you encountered any issues? Do you find them useful? Share your experiences in our LinkedIn comments section.
Bethany Freeman
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